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Ria Zervos

Creating a fulling & sustainable fitness biz while balancing motherhood

Helping PT's transition from in person to online Health & Fitness coaching w/ a booked out client roster


About Me


I’m a Business Coach for Fit-Pros & Health Coaches teaching them how to build a profitable online business. 

I've been in the Fitness Industry for over 20+ years, I'm a 

Mom of 2 little ones, married my best friend and moved to Costa Rica.   


Several years back I thought I had it all and the perfect job!  Then life threw a wrench in it and life turned upside down. 


In the mix of all the crazy I found a passion for helping people find their voice online.  


My mission is to help other Fit Pro Mom's grow their online business without breaking the bank and running in circles.


I love helping others find their dream job, live the life of their dreams and avoid all the mistakes.  


So, if you are tired of reading every free doc on how to create your dream job, spending money on ads or not sure in what directions to take your social media account,  apply to work with me 1:1 and finally reach your dreams!


Now it’s your time!


Your Coach, Ria

Working with Me

Client Attraction Blueprint Group

A 12-Week Group Coaching Program for Health Coaches & Fitness Pros who are looking to build a profitable online business. 

It has everything you need to go from frustrated, tired, overwhelmed to feeling clear, confident and excited about your business!

Next Round Starts

August 19, 2024,

 1:1 Private Coaching

High touch 6-month 1:1 coaching program to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that works for you.

Please note:  I only accept clients who are truly ready to transform their lives. This is for people who are ready to grow their social media and reach every business goal they've ever had. People that I choose to work with understand that in order to do this, they need to invest in themselves for personalized, one-on-one support with a coach who has done it themselves and can save them a lot of time, a lot of frustration and a lot of mistakes.

Working with Me
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Ryan Bade - @rdbadeass

“My experience in Ria’s 5 week Instagram course was nothing short of a lifesaver! As a personal trainer with a growing business, the idea of developing a social media presence from scratch seemed like a daunting task.

Thanks to Ria I feel like I have a foundation,a plan of action, and a support system.

Ria’s positive energy and professionalism made my look forward to every call.  I gained an abundance of knowledge, insight, and most importantly confidence in a realm that I once found intimidating. Im excited to apply what I’ve leaned to gain more tread in my business.”


Susan Pata 


Working with Ria has enlightened me on so many levels... one of them is gaining some clarity in my vision and aligning my actions with this vision.

Her well-versed expertise helped me understand WHAT I needed in order to get started and WHERE to start. If anyone is feeling “stuck,” she can definitely help you get moving in the right direction! I’ve been telling all of my fit pro colleagues about her.” Susane 


Chantelle @c.lamourfitness

Before working with Ria 

I had been trying to go it alone.


Ria met me where I was and went at my pace.

Had I not started with Ria I would've been still circling the drain if it weren't for her


She was so encouraging & offered great advice and guidance throughout our time together.


After every single weekly call I aways felt so inspired & uplifted.


I think that's her superpower.


Most importantly I left each call feeling like I had a plan

I highly recommend her program


Jesse Thomas - @coach.jesse

“I thought I was “tech savvy” enough to have Instagram figured out.  As I began to browse other IG accounts, I noticed that many accounts seemed very polished. These accounts seemed to attract many people, and the owner of the account had figured out ways to monetize their social media efforts.  I figured that I should be able to do that too! .... where was I supposed to start? What should I be focusing on first??

That’s when I figured I could use some guidance.


Ria opened my eyes to a world of potential financial opportunities to be had through Instagram. She helped me navigate my questions and focus on what is truly important for me to present myself in the best ways possible. So many things matter that I wouldn’t have thought to be a big deal. So much strategy in how you spend your time and effort. I’m still in the process of executing my strategic approach, however I at least have a clear-cut path and I know exactly what I need to do in order to make my Instagram account more valuable to myself and others.

I feel like my time spent creating social media content will be much more efficient and effective.
Thank you Ria!!!!”


Jeanette Chandler


My business was good, but I wasn't bringing in consistent income.

I was sad and really felt like a failure. I at the point where I wanted to give up


When I joined with Ria she gave me a clear direction on how I could build my business and make a consistent income. It's been an amazing journey.


Everything I wanted to happen with my business happened. Working with Ria revitalized not only my mindset but my business. Her support means everything. I needed the support to help build my confidence which made me feel better about my business.

Ria really cares about her clients and she is just a genuine human being.


Gretchen @coachgretchenmeyers


Vanessa Wilkins


Before working with Ria 

I was feeling lost.

I had had coaching before, but I wasn't following through and didn't feel like I had a clear vision ever.


Ria changed all that.

She helped me get a clear vision on how I wanted to help my clients, and then gave me concrete tools to do just that


Ria gives 100 percent to her clients.  She really dials in to what you need from her as a coach, and follows through with guidance and support.


She checks in with you and makes sure you're staying on top of your goals, and she gives that good kind of push to keep going and doing the thing.

I'm so grateful to have found Ria as a coach!  I'm not sure where my business would be without her!


If you're a fit pro looking for a coach, you cannot go wrong with Ria.


She is absolutely worth the

investment in both your business and yourself!

I needed a business coach that was going to hold my hand, call me out on my shit

and Get me moving!

I'm a tough nut crack!

up and running was such a struggle!

I don't know why!

I can help others make money but I struggled with my own stuff!

But you just need the extra push?  


Hirer a Business Coach!

Hire Ria!

Best investment EVER!!

I'm making some money!


Eileen Ramirez


Buddy Mucha


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